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A lot of history has been made here since we opened in April of 1965.

After World War II, Chico, California, was buzzing with locals looking for a way to spend their newfound leisure time. It quickly became apparent within the Chico golf community that Bidwell Golf Course would never be able to accommodate the increasing number of golfers.

Two gentlemen, Jim Roth, a native Chicoan, golf enthusiast, and real estate broker, and Ross Lawler, a fellow real estate broker who didn't play golf but recognized opportunity when he saw it, decided Chico was ready for a championship golf course and surrounding neighborhood community. Hugh Baber, former manager of the Ranch Llano Seco, helped Roth and Lawler contact Count Marc de Tristan, president of the Parrott Investment Company, which owned the land. Roth and Lawler persuaded the company to sell the land that Butte Creek sits upon today.

In order to raise the capital needed to finalize the purchase of the land, Roth and Lawler formed Butte Creek Estates Corporation and sold stock to parties interested in seeing the golf course developed. Stockholders would then see return on their investment through the sale of lots in the subdivision. Enough funds were raised to finalize the purchase of the land, and the deed was recorded on August 30, 1962.

The next step was to sell Proprietary Memberships. A Proprietary Membership at this time cost prospective members $1,450. The first 100 members, the Charter Members, have their names inscribed on a framed scroll inside the current Clubhouse.

Now that the land was purchased and membership was enlisted, a golf course was needed. Bob Baldock, former golfer, irrigation specialist, and eventual designer of 82 courses in 14 states, was chosen to create Butte Creek's championship golf course. John Engan was hired as golf course superintendent and Larry Thompson as the building architect. The first building was what is now the Pro Shop, locker rooms, and card room. Several years later, the original Clubhouse was added.

The "back nine" opened for play in April of 1965, and by May of that year, the "front nine" opened. It had taken years of hard work by many dedicated people, but Butte Creek Country Club was now a reality!

On February 4, 1976, Butte Creek Estates Corporation, which had leased the land to the golf course, deeded the country club to Butte Creek Country Club, and it became the golf course we know and love today.

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