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“Without a doubt one of the most unique golf courses you will ever play. It’s extremely fun for first-time players and challenging for our members that play daily.”
Mike Mattingly, Head Professional

The Best Players in the World All Take Ongoing Golf Lessons to Play Their Best ps4lessons.JPGGolf… You Should Too! 

            Imagine the look on your playing partners face’s when you dominate them during your weekly match. Golf instruction is far and away the most efficient and fastest way to shave strokes from your game. If you’ve ever taken a private lesson or attended a clinic then you probably remember how crisp you were hitting your irons and how solid you were hitting your woods at the end of the lesson. 

Lessons from PGA Professional, Mike Mattingly are Open to the Public

            Our Head PGA Professional, Mike Mattingly offers a full array of lessons and tournaments. Whether you want to add 10 yards to your drives, chip/pitch with precision or make more putts, Mike is eager to help improve your game... and you don't have to be a BCCC member to take lessons from our PGA Professional. Golf schools, individual lessons and summer camps for kids are also available.

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Butte Creek Country Club
175 Estates Drive
Chico, CA 95928
Phone: (530) 343-7979
Pro Shop: (530) 343-8292
Fax: (530) 343-2406

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